Whittaker’s Distillery, 'Pink Particular' Gin

Yorkshire, 70cl, 42% abv

An award winning smooth, contemporary London dry with a base of Juniper, Coriander and Angelica Root gently overlaid with signature botanicals of dried Pink Hibiscus Flowers, Pink Peppercorns, Cardamon and a gentle hint of fresh lemon citrus. It is because of the Hibiscus and Peppercorns which give this gin its name. 

On the morning of the distillation after the botanicals have been steeped for 24 hours, the liquid is bright pink before being distilled where the vapour is condensed and turned back into a clear liquid brimming with essential oils from the botanicals. 

This gin is totally unfiltered so when served over ice, it may turn a little cloudy as the oils come out of solution but this way, it does not loose its nose, taste and unique character when served.


Flavoured Gin, Gin