Whittaker's Distillery, Barley Mow Vodka

Yorkshire, 70cl, 42% abv

A 42% vodka made from Yorkshire Barley of course!  It is put through the brewing process but not adding any hops and then fermented for 5 days before being distilled through Whittaker's 21 plate rectification column to produce this truly delicious spirit. It has oaty, earthy, whisky notes on the nose and the palette with a warm and spicy mouth that continues long into the lingering after taste. "We called this product Barley Mow as the song The Barley Mow is a song celebrated in the traditions of the folk music of Ireland, England and Scotland.  “The Barley Mow” has become a drinking song sung while comrades empty their glasses. Have a listen to it and it will definitely get you toe tapping!"