Pinotage Hill and Dale Stellenbosch

Colour: Deep, bright ruby which will develop into garnet with time.   Bouquet: A clean and interesting merger of sweet red fruit- and dark fruit-aromas with red cherries and black plums most noticeable. Hints of white pepper, smokey oak and salty licorice add to the mix. Very typically Pinotage.   Taste: Almost in contrast to what’s expected from the nose, the wine’s medium-bodied texture is lean and elegant with an exceptionally-friendly structure expected more from a cooler vintage than a warm one. The fresh acidity adds as much to the food-friendliness of the wine as it does to its sheer drinkability.   Food Pairing: This food-friendly, versatile wine will seamlessly befriend meals with mushroom (burgers, risottos and pastas) while loving an Eastern connection with mild curries satay sauces and nutty Pad Thai’s. Kassler chops would certainly not be out of place.


South Africa
Sub Location
2019, 2021
Grape Variety
South Africa
South Africa