Forest Distillery, London Dry Gin (Ceramic Bottle)(BIN END)

Macclesfield, 70cl, 42% abv

RRP £50 // NOW £45
Forest Gin is distilled by the family in batches of a maximum of 85 bottles at a time. Each bottle contains these key elements:
  • Organic Juniper Berries
  • Organic Coriander Seeds
  • Superior quality Vanilla pods, Liquorice root, Angelica and others
  • Wild Bilberries, Raspberries & Blackberries
  • Peak District Moss & Ferns
  • A sprinkling of wild flowers, spruce & pine
  • The softest Forest Spring Water
  • From our distillery spring 1,200 ft above sea level
  • An ancient spring in the Peak District
  • Blended to 42% abv
These ingredients are ground by hand using a pestle & mortar, before being distilled by us here in Cheshire. The alcohol vapour and the flavoursome oils from the botanicals reach our copper condenser, where they are immediately cooled. This fragrant spirit is then blended with our spring water to create unfiltered London Dry Gin of the very highest quality.


Bin End, Gin