Dragon Slayer Distillery, London Dry Gin

County Durham, 70cl, 40% abv

Subtle blends of 15 botanicals that meld and compliment each other. A classic dry gin with a citrus profile, a touch of floral aromas and a hint of spiciness. A smooth gin, so smooth in fact one can drink without tonic!
Nose: A hint of lavender, the sweetness of the licorice and orris root and the bite of juniper.
Palate: Sharp citrus notes of the lemon and orange peel.
Finish: A lingering citrus flavour.
The aim of this Father and Daughter due is to tell the story of the culture and heritage of dragon slayer folklore through their favourite drink. The North East is full of folklore stories, songs and lore which go back often beyond record. No more than 3 miles from our Distillery is Sockburn Hall, the home of Sir John Conyers. Sir John Conyers, was a knight who fought to save his lands from a great dragon who had haunted the region for seven years.


Gin, New
Sub Location
County Durham