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6 bottle case offer

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    • 2 x Malbec - A fresh, pure expression of the varietal, with aromas of violets, cherries, mocha, and spice. Juicy tannins and balanced acidity complement perfectly ripened fruit flavours, while a subtle hint of oak adds complexity. Crios Malbec was recently featured on the cover of Decanter Magazine as one of the "Top 3 Value Malbecs from Argentina." Pairing: This wine can be consumed at almost any occasion, by itself or with a large range of food: roasted beef, barbecues…
    • 2 x Cabernet Sauvignon  - A classic example of this varietal, with aromas of plum, currant, espresso and mocha tinged with spice and smoke from the French oak. Herbal notes, bright acidity and fine tannins create balance and structure on the palate. Cabernet Sauvignon is Susana’s favourite varietal to elaborate. She was one of the first to believe that Argentina could produce Cabs to compete with the Old World, and today Argentina’s Cabs are considered among the best values in the world. Pairing: It will pair well with traditional Cabernet-friendly foods like grilled or roasted meats.
    • 2 x Limited Edition Tannat - a Tannat that could be enjoyed without the need for a knife a fork or 10 years in bottle was requested and never found. "Why didn't you ask me?" Susana said. And so this wine was born. Intense red ruby, present aromas of mature red fruits with spicy notes of eucalyptus, figs and menthol combine with chocolate and vanilla. Elegant and intense. Pairing: A good hunk of red meat, something a little different for your Sunday lunch!


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