Chilton Liqueurs, Seville Orange Gin (OFFER)

Shrewsbury, 70cl, 26% abv

RRP £24 / NOW £21.95 Chilton Seville Orange Gin Liqueur begins its production in February when the Seville Oranges become available.  This is the same orange used to make marmalade.  The fruit is steeped for four months in Greenalls London Dry Gin and during this time the orange flavours enfuse with the gin.  It is then filtered and bottled and the final product has that characteristic marmaladey flavour on the nose and palate with a slight bitterness on the finish.  It can be enjoyed neat over a few cubes of ice after dinner or alternatively a mixer of your choice can be added. The orange gin can produce a harmless natural sediment which in no way effects the taste.


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