Chenin No. 5 (aka Rick in a Tin) - by the can

The Liberator, Swartland, Coastal Region, South Africa

Usually £4.95  - OFFER £4.25

  • 250ml can = 1 large glass of wine = 1/3 bottle of wine
This is a serious Chenin Blanc with oak ageing, not what you would expect from wine in a can. The whole aim here is to put only quality wines in a can - why would they risk damaging their reputation canning cheap wine? Richard doesn't have his own vineyard, he doesn't grow grapes and he isn't part of a cooperation. What he does do is gets his hands on great wines that are resigned to a tragic fate of being blended away or disposed of in bulk and... Liberates them into a wine with character all of its very own. These wines could have originally been an occasional experimental batch by the original winemaker, or possibly an interesting off-cut from some proud winemaker’s latest premium release.


Offers, White
South Africa
Grape Variety
Chenin Blanc
South Africa
South Africa