Chateau Musar 2017 (Magnum)

Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

Chateau Musar Red 2012 has a dark burgundy colour, a nose of matured stone fruits, plums and figs with liquorice and spicy notes. It has big developed ripe fruit on the nose and a bold taste profile of juicy, black fruits plus mocha and leather and a beautiful lingering finish. Why Go Magnum? Well, aside from the obvious being the more wine the better, there is some science behind magnums and ageing potential. Wine ages as air moves in and out of the cork, interacting with the flavour components of a wine. With large format bottles, you’ve got the same surface area for air transfer — that tiny cork — but a much larger volume of wine. The result is that these bottles age at half the speed of their 750 ml counterparts. It’s because of this slower ageing that many top-notch wines are bottled in large formats. Big bottles age more gracefully and just plain better due to this slower pace.


Red (Larger)
Grape Variety
Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Cinsault