Battle of the Italian North West OFFER

RRP £49.50 / Offer - £39.95 To the very west we have the classic Nebbiolo d'Alba from Piemont 1 x Scarpa Bric du Nota; Rose and delicate flower notes on the nose, silky tannins and a long persistence of structure. This is an exceptionally elegant, almost understated Nebbiolo with the classic Roero perfume. It is Nebbiolo as it used to be made — where structure, spices, and minerals are at least as important as fruit. The extra ageing in bottle results in a wine that is released when it’s showing the qualities that make good Nebbiolo worth drinking: secondary aromas and flavours and the complexity that comes with age. This producer creates wines to improve for years. If you can wait... if not, the wine is still beautiful at a young age. And now, bordering Piemont we have the  Nebbiolo from Lombardy 1 x Sfursat Carlo Negri, Nino Negri; Robust with a wonderfully rich body, produced from dried grapes giving that extra depth and concentration of flavour, followed by for 24 months in big oak barrels. The bouquet is complex with red fruits and sweet spices such as cinnamon and a sprinkling of black pepper. As a company that dates back to 1897, these folks know their stuff when it comes to creating note worthy wine, so unsurprisingly they have become the flagship producer of the Italian Wines Group with great thanks to the prestigious oenologist Casimiro Maule (previously awarded oenologist of the year) who joined them in 2017 and by Danilo Drocco, who leads the winery to date.
So who will win? Drink up and let us know!


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