Palo Cortado V.O.R.S. Apóstoles - González Byass

Off-dry, Aged 30 years, Jerez, Spain, Boxed

The nose nicely balances the characteristics of Palo Cortado with Pedro Ximénez (for which the sherry has been partially aged in to increase depth of character). Dark, caramelised notes and molasses with a clear smokiness alongside mineral and tangy notes. Tobacco, orange peel, hints of salinity, toffee, roasted almonds and a lot of peppery touches. The mouth reflects the nose - it is full-bodied, off-dry and provides plenty of spicy notes, chocolate coated nuts, figs and toffee. Then again there’s this tangy, salty note behind it, slightly muted by the Pedro Ximénez. Sweet Turkish coffee. Hints of bread crust. Hazelnuts and a whiff of smoke in the aftertaste. A lot going on making it a seriously interesting glass of sherry.


Sherry & Madeira
Sub Location
Grape Variety
Palomino, Pedro Ximénez