Sherry Wine

The most innovative and exciting celebration of Sherry wines in the world will see a multitude of events take place in 30 countries during the week of November 4th – 10th, with more than 1500 events planned to take place simultaneously including sherry tastings, pairing menus Sherry & tapas, exclusive visits to the Sherry Bodegas themselves and more.

So here at Yorkshire Vintners we thought that it was only right, that we should get involved too.

Those of you who think that sherry is a tipple consigned to the back of your elderly relatives’ drinks cabinet only to be dragged out each festive season and to be consumed with a dry Christmas cake, think again!!

Sherry, simply put, is a wine meant to be enjoyed with food. It’s the perfect partner for a rich variety of flavours and dishes. World-renowned chefs are increasingly featuring Sherry wines on their menus, as its versatility from bone dry to unctuously sweet, makes it a staple for all cuisines from East to West.

The range of Sherry aromas, from almond, to caramel, to fresh apples, complement and enhance the flavours of any appetiser, main dish, or dessert. Whether it’s balancing seafood, rich meat dishes, pungent cheeses, or sweet pastries, Sherry Wines elevate the gastronomic experience.

We will be showcasing our spectacular Gonzalez Byass and Barbadillo ranges of sherries which will be open for tasting all week with food matching advice. You are more than welcome to pop in to improve your sherry knowledge or for those who are new to this wonderful, unique style of wine to experience the diverse range of flavours and the versatility of them.